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Learn How to Present your Research Effectively this Summer

Over the past 30 years our Summer Schools have been very successful in delivering training in econometrics and statistics to several professionals from academia, central banks, government departments, policy institutes and commercial sector. That is because we work together with world leading scholars from top universities and research centre to create programmes that combine teaching of the theoretical fundamentals of disciplines and practical demonstrations of how to use software to implement the techniques.

The contents of our summer schools are constantly updated to reflect the most recent trends in research and the evolution of the econometric and statistical software. We appreciate that for most of the participants to our summer schools, research plays an important role in their professional career, but learning how to present research methodology and results and getting feedback from experienced scholars is not always that easy. For this reason, we are introducing in our summer schools extra sessions dedicated to train participants on how to present and discuss their research effectively.


We will organise dedicated sessions during lunch breaks or over drinks where participants willing to receive feedback on their research will present it using a poster. This informal environment will encourage the discussion among the school’s participants and the lecturers.

We request those who are interested in participating into these sessions to create a poster summarising the main elements of their research: motivation, background, methodology, results, conclusion. (If research is at an early stage and no results have been produced yet, the description of the motivation and of the methodology will be enough).


The following Summer Schools will feature poster sessions:

2019 EViews Summer School, (London)

Lunch break, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June 2019

2019 Stata Summer School, (London)

Lunch break, Friday 5th July 2019

2019 EViews Forecasting Summer School, (London)

Lunch break, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July 2019

2019 Stata Autumn School, (London)

Drinks Reception, Friday 27th September 2019

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