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40th International Symposium on Forecasting - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

40th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil between July 5-8, 2020. Full conference information is available on the conf...

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Professor, Warwick Business School

For many strategy scholars including myself Stata is the key tool, enabling us to test exciting ideas. The new version enables a few cool things prior versions did not. V...

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Professor of Financial Management, Warwick Business School

I am a big fan of Stata and use it frequently for econometric analyses. I am impressed by the software providing and adopting the latest econometric techniques, and I val...

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Stata Site License - University of Warwick

Staff and students at The University of Warwick previously accessed Stata via several disparate pools of licences. These licences were all separately purchased and manage...

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