DISSERTATION SOS: Refresh the Basics of Data Science Software and Make Your Research Shine

Top tips from an academic and expert in the field, Dr. Malvina Marchese. Which is the secret to a great dissertation? Writing an excellent dissertation requires a mixture...

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The impact of Covid-19 on G7 stock markets volatility: Evidence from a ST-HAR model

Written October 2020  Abstract  We investigate the impact of Covid-19 on stock markets across G7 countries and their business sectors. We highlight the synchronicity an...

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Using Indicator Saturation to Detect Outliers and Structural Shifts

Using Indicator Saturation to Detect Outliers and Structural Shifts One of the potential pitfalls when working with time series datasets is that the dat...

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Nowcasting GDP with PMI using MIDAS-GETS

The latest from the EViews blog: Nowcasting, the act of predicting the current or near-future state of a macro-economic variable, has become one of the more popular rese...

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Brand New EViews 12

What's New in EViews 12 EViews 12 features a wide range of exciting changes and improvements (both in Econometrics and non-econometric). The following is an overview of...

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EVIEWS TIPS #1: Command Capture

Researchers interact with statistical software in two ways: the first is using the point and click interface and the second is through the command window. While the first...

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