Statgraphics is a powerful yet intuitive software program for data analysis, data visualisation, statistical modelling and predictive analytics. It is a comprehensive program offering over 230 procedures covering everything from summary statistics to advanced statistical models.

Statgraphics was the first statistical software program adapted for the PC, the first to introduce integration of graphics into every statistical procedure, and the originator of point-by-point assistance tools and countless other groundbreaking features to simplify your tasks. While others were busy playing catch up, Statgraphics led the pack in providing pioneering advances. Want an assistant to guide you through each phase of your analysis and skip the learning curve? StatWizard™ and StatAdvisor™ are at your service.

Statgraphics Centurion XVII contains 32 new statistical procedures and significant enhancements to 20 existing procedures.

The enhancements emphasise the increasing importance of data visualisation, both for unlocking the information that is often hidden in collected data and for understanding the meaning of statistical methods applied to that data.

New features in Statgraphics XVII

Statgraphics is data analysis software for quality improvement, predictive analytics, Six Sigma and beyond. Used by executives, engineers, quality professionals and data explorers worldwide achieve success with Statgraphics.

Data visualisation

Version 17 contains many new procedures for data visualisation, such as the coloured bubble chart above which shows changes in multiple variables over time. Creating the proper view of your data is essential to extracting the key information that it contains. Identifying unusual observations or trends can lead to important discoveries.

Design of experiments

Breeze through projects. Reduce costs. The DOE Wizard steps you through each stage of the experimental design process. Version XVII adds new computer-generation of optimal designs to its extensive catalogue of screening, response surface, mixture and RPD experiments. Use the dynamic Response Surface Explorer to visualise each factor’s impact on the fitted process model.

Quality management

Quality improvement made simple. Need SPC? Effortlessly kick your quality projects up a notch. Control multiple process variables simultaneously with the new, dynamic Deviation Dashboard. A wide selection of tools for quality assessment, capability analysis, control charts, gage studies, acceptance sampling, Monte Carlo simulation and Lean Six Sigma are available.

Demographic maps

Maps may now be generated using any BNA boundary file. Colour gradients show the value of a selected variable within each region. Interactive Statlets help visualise changes in that variable by letting time change dynamically, or illustrate relationships by brushing each region red or blue as the user changes a cutoff value.


19 new interactive graphs have been added which let users see the impact of varying analysis parameters. Users interact with the Statlets using controls on a special toolbar and the effects are displayed immediately. Statlets are provided for tasks such as performing power transformations, estimating capability indices, fitting regression models and estimating bivariate density functions.

User interface and data security

Significant changes have been made to the internal management of data to permit the analysis of larger data sets, while selected algorithms have been rewritten to decrease their calculation time. StatFolios™ now contain passwords, an audit trail, and may be used as the primary data source. A session log tracks all activity and data changes.

Introducing Statgraphics Centurion XVII

Microsoft Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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