Automatic selection of explanatory variables with Stata

20 November 2019 Frankfurt am Main 1 day (20th November 2019 - 20th November 2019) Stata

Our Stata course Automatic selection of explanatory variables with Stata aims at introducing methods suitable to automatically select the relevant explanatory variables of linear regression models.

Regime Switching Models with EViews (Online Course)

21 November 2019 Online Half day (21st November 2019 - 21st November 2019) EViews

Our web based Regime Switching models with EViews course provides a complete introduction to modelling and forecasting Regime Switching models in EViews.

Introduction to Time Series Analysis with Stata (Online Course - UK Time)

21 November 2019 Online Half day Stata

The course is ideal for beginner/intermediate level user who wants to learn how to analyse time-series data and estimate univariate time-series models. The course is based on the textbook Financial Econometrics Using Stata by S.Boffelli and G.Urga (2016), Stata Press

What Sample Size do I need? With Stata

25 November 2019 Cass Business School 1 day (25th November 2019 - 25th November 2019) Stata

Choosing an appropriate sample size is a common problem and should be given due consideration in any research proposal, as an inadequate sample size invariably leads to wasted resources. This course gives a practical introduction to sample size determination in the context of some commonly used statistical hypothesis tests.

The Midas Touch: Mixed Data Frequency Models in EViews (Online Course)

28 November 2019 Online Half day (28th November 2019 - 28th November 2019) EViews

Our online MIDAS Models with EViews course provides a complete introduction to mixed data sampling (MIDAS) regression models in EViews. MIDAS are used in macroeconomic and financial modelling and forecasting.

Análise de Dados Epidemiológicos com o Stata

Dias 2, 4, 9, 11, 16 e 18 de Dezembro de 2019, Horário 19:00 às 23:00. São Paolo, Brazil 6 days (2nd December 2019 - 18th December 2019) Stata

O curso de Análise de Dados Epidemiológicos com Stata tem como objetivo principal apresentar os conceitos avançados na elaboração e análise de dados, propiciando a elaboração de bases de dados eletrônicas e análise estatísticas descritiva e avançada.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Stata (EST Time)

9 - 11 December 2019 New Horizons, Computer Learning Centre, New York City, USA 3 days (9th December 2019 - 11th December 2019) Stata

This course is a primer to machine learning techniques using Stata. Stata owns today various packages to perform machine learning which are however poorly known to many Stata users. This course fills this gap by making participants familiar with (and knowledgeable of) Stata potential to draw knowledge and value form row, large, and possibly noisy data. The teaching approach will be based on the graphical language and intuition more than on algebra. The training will make use of instructional as well as real-world examples, and will balance evenly theory and practical sessions.

2019 Stata Winter School, London

9-13 December 2019 Cass Business School, Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ 5 days (9th December 2019 - 13th December 2019) Stata

Join us for our fifth annual Stata Winter School, comprising four individual Stata courses providing attendees with the flexibility to register only for the courses that they find most relevant to their research interests. The individual courses will cover: Data Management, Data Visualisation and Panel Data analysis.

Avaliação De Políticas Públicas - Métodos Econométricos Quasi-Experimentais com Stata

9 Decembro 2019 FIPE – Avenida Paulista, 1499 – 4º andar (Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP) 2 days (9th December 2019 - 9th December 2019) Stata

Nas últimas décadas houve um crescimento acelerado da literatura de economia para avaliação de impactos, estendendo-se naturalmente para a avaliação de políticas públicas.

Volatility Modelling using EViews (Online Course)

10 December 2019 Online Half day (10th December 2019 - 10th December 2019) EViews

This online course using EViews provides a complete introduction to modelling and forecasting volatility models in EViews. The course provides a sound and practical understanding of the GARCH model and its more advanced extensions such as the EGARCH, the TARCH, the APARCH and the IGARCH models used in time series and financial applications.

Machine Learning for Economists and Policy Makers: Prediction, Classification and Causal Inference

16 & 17 December 2019 Cass Business School 2 days (16th December 2019 - 17th December 2019) Stata

This course will cover topics at the intersection of machine learning and econometrics.

The course covers a mix of theory and applications. Using Breiman’s (2001) notion of two cultures in the use of statistical modelling, we start with a review of the fundamental differences between machine learning and econometrics.

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