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Stata Programming for Data Managers and Researchers - Online Short Course

18-19 May 2020 Learn programming concepts and skills using Stata to perform complex data operations and automate tasks to avoid workflow repetition. An essential course f...

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Panel Data Models and Methods in EViews - Online Short Course

19 May 2020 All the traditional static and dynamic econometric techniques are discussed (fixed effect, random effect, GMM, GLS) together with some advanced topics, such a...

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Covid-19: Conducting Qualitative Fieldwork - NVivo Webinar

Watch the first in a series of Webinars by NVivo on how to conduct qualitative research during Covid-19. Dr Deborah Lupton and NVivo's Community Director Stacey Penna di...

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The Anatomy of the COVID-19 Outbreak Video - Giovanni Cerulli

Dr. Cerulli presents his key statistical analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic. He uses Stata to explore the pandemic's dynamic and predict future outcomes. His focus on this...

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COVID-19 short-term forecasts produced by Castle, Doornik and Hendry.

View real-time short-term forecasts for confirmed cases and deaths for many parts of the world on an almost daily basis from 20 March 2020. Also see Short-term Forecastin...

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