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DISSERTATION SOS: Refresh the Basics of Data Science Software and Make Your Research Shine

Top tips from an academic and expert in the field, Dr. Malvina Marchese.

Which is the secret to a great dissertation?

Writing an excellent dissertation requires a mixture of different skills. As an academic, I have supervised many MSc dissertations and over the years I have found that these are the ultimate 5 things you need to deliver a first class dissertation:

  1. Pin Down the Research Question.

    Be very clear about what you are investigating so the reader knows what your final goal is from the outset, and can concentrate on understanding your arguments.

  2. Write a Captivating Introduction.

    You want to strongly demonstrate the importance of your analysis and highlight how your results contribute to the current literature. So ask yourself: do I manage to really show that my hypothesis is supported by the consequential data?

  3. Make Your Data Speak.

    This is a top skill to show. Master an econometric software and make sure that you present informative descriptive statistics and tables, hypothesis tests and graphs of you data. Let the reader see at a glance the core of your information!  Stata and EViews are great for this with many options to run preliminary tests and to prepare great tables of  your data, as well as many built in data sets to construct your data base.

  4. Master the Econometrics

    Linear regression? ARIMA ? Panel model with fixed effect or with random effect ? Regime switching models? MIDAS models? Choose the most appropriate model for your research question. Stata and EViews offer easy estimation and very informative output for all the models above and many more. Want help identifying the best model for you? Join our SOS Masters Dissertation help class this Summer in Stata or EViews, where we will learn how to identify the best econometric model to support your findings and how to convince your reader that the model is robust, with a variety of easy to obtain post estimation diagnostic tests.

  5. Make Sure to Discuss the Interpretation of Your Findings.

    You've got the best model with Stata or EViews, now make sure to discuss the interpretation of your findings and how they support your hypothesis. Which tests should you comment on? Is the R squared really so important? Do you have more convincing information on your software output that you can use to describe? We will learn how to interpret parameters and findings form a wide range of models, to support your conclusions.


Join Dr Marchese for our upcoming SOS Master dissertation masterclasses, with a focus on Stata, and learn how to score the first you're capable of, all whilst enjoying the write up and econometrics!

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