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Single user



What is a single-user license?

  • A single-user license for Stata is an identified-user license. The registered user is the only authorized user of that license.
  • A single-user license allows Stata to be installed in up to three locations (a computer at work, a computer at home, and a laptop) as long as the authorized user is the only one with access to the software.
  • Upgrade discounts are available for perpetual single-user licenses only.
  • A single-user license comes with PDF documentation.
  • Single-user licenses of Stata/IC, Stata/SE, Stata/MP (2-core), and Stata/MP (4-core) may be either perpetual or annual.
    • Perpetual licenses do not expire and may be upgraded to a new version or flavor at a reduced price.
    • Annual licenses expire one year from the date of purchase. Although annual licenses may be upgraded to a higher flavor, the expiration date remains the same as the original purchase.
  • View the single-user license terms and conditions.

Network (concurrent use)


What is a network license?

  • An N-user network license is a license that allows a maximum of N concurrent users. It is a perpetual license without an expiration date.
  • A network license is appropriate for use by machines within a single local geographic location or physical site.
  • The minimum size network license that may be purchased is a 2-user license.
  • The size of the license can be increased at any time at a reduced charge. If you currently own a 5-user network license, the price of adding another user would be the price of adding user number 6.
  • All users of a network license have access to the PDF documentation.
  • Upgrade discounts are offered as new releases of Stata become available.
  • View the network license terms and conditions.

Volume purchase



What is a volume purchase?

  • Volume purchases are purchases of single-user licenses of Stata placed at the same time in order to take advantage of reduced per-unit costs.
  • Purchasing N copies of Stata under volume-purchase pricing does not mean that the copies are "tied" together. For example, you may elect to upgrade only 1 of the N copies and wait to upgrade the other (N - 1) at a later time.
  • View the single-user license terms and conditions.




What is an annual license?

  • A Stata annual license is an N concurrent-use network license that must be installed in a single geographic location or physical site. Annual licenses expire after one year. If a new release of Stata occurs during the year, the new release is sent to the annual license holder at no additional charge.
  • The minimum size annual license for Stata/IC and Stata/SE is 15. The minimum size annual license for Stata/MP (2-core), Stata/MP (4-core), Stata/MP (6-core), and Stata/MP (8-core) is 10. The minimum size annual license for Stata/MP (12-core) and above is 5. Other license sizes are 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, etc.
  • All Stata annual license users have access to the PDF documentation.
  • View the annual license terms and conditions.


  • Maintenance allows you pay an annual amount and receive the next release of Stata automatically and without extra charge. Many companies and instutitions prefer a predictable annual cost. Maintenance lets you combine the convenience of paying annually with a perpetual license.
  • When you purchase maintenance for Stata software, you will automatically be sent any major release upgrades which are made available while your maintenance agreement is in effect.
  • Maintenance charges are yearly, and maintenance may be purchased only when you buy a new license or upgrade an existing one.
  • Updates and bug fixes for the purchased release of Stata are automatically included with a perpetual license purchase and do not require the purchase of maintenance.
  • Read Stata’s maintenance terms and conditions.
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