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2018 Econometrics Summer School

"This was a great course. The Professor was spectacular and it was a privilege to sit in his class."

"I found the Professor's ability to convey the intuition behind the key concepts in a manner that could be easily understood was the most useful aspect of the course. He is clearly a cut above others in his ability to do this. One of the best I have ever come across."

2018 EViews Summer School

"Everything the trainer talked about was clear and followed by examples on how to implement it. Fantastic class all together!"

2018 Stata Summer School

"Comprehensive and effective teaching; now I know how to use Stata"

"I found it so helpful to be guided through analysis on Stata, and not just how to code the analysis but also how to interpret the output. The course has definitely made my every day job a lot easier and I feel I now have a much stronger understanding."

2018 Stata Tricks - Online Course

"Having insights from someone using Stata proficiently, and to not only learn but discover other tracks to follow to improve my proficiency with Stata"

2018 Stata Winter School - Visualising Regression Models Using Stata Course

"Absolutely beautiful session on a very difficult subject given by an experienced and gifted teacher in a logical and easy way. I couldn't be more satisfied."

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