An improved approach to empirical modelling

OxMetrics developer Prof. Sir David Hendry and Dr. Jennifer Castle discuss "An improved approach to empirical modelling" in this article in the CEPR's VOX online platform...

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Stata Tips #8 - Spatial Analysis in Stata 15

One of the new features in Stata 15 is spatial autoregressive models. These account for correlation between points or areas in space in the same way that time series mode...

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New Stata 15 Available

Stata's biggest release ever is available from today, 7 June 2017. There are many new and important features available within Stata release 15, all of which you can lear...

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Stata Tips #6 - Using Stata to automate the creation and labelling of each variable through looping in Stata

Rain Data: Using Stata to automate the creation and labelling of each variable through looping Often in data work one finds that the same work needs to be done again and ...

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New Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook v.6

While statistical software is imperative for quantitative and qualitative data analysis, being able to produce high quality typeset text to showcase the results is very i...

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STATA TIPS #5 - On treatment effects

Researchers are on the constant hunt to identify causal relationships. The term treatment effect denotes the average causal effect of a binary variable on a defined outc...

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STATA TIPS #4 - Stata now supports Bayesian Analysis!

The use of Bayesian analysis is on the rise and is widespread across different disciplines including health, medicine, economics and other social sciences. The main diffe...

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