Financial Econometrics Using Stata - New from Stata Press

Financial Econometrics Using Stata by Simona Boffelli and Giovanni Urga provides an excellent introduction to time-series analysis and how to do it in Stata for financial...

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Dubai International Airport Passenger Traffic: Stata Statistical Software & Economena Analytics

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region suffers from both, data availability and data quality. Any effort to collect, clean and present data on the region is a wel...

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Stata Tips #6 - Using Stata to automate the creation and labelling of each variable through looping in Stata

Rain Data: Using Stata to automate the creation and labelling of each variable through looping Often in data work one finds that the same work needs to be done again and ...

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STATA TIPS #5 - On treatment effects

Researchers are on the constant hunt to identify causal relationships. The term treatment effect denotes the average causal effect of a binary variable on a defined outc...

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STATA TIPS #4 - Stata now supports Bayesian Analysis!

The use of Bayesian analysis is on the rise and is widespread across different disciplines including health, medicine, economics and other social sciences. The main diffe...

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This month, our latest edition of Stata Tips, Timberlake Group Technical Director, Dr. George Naufal shares his thoughts and insight on the Project Manager features avail...

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Medical researchers often work with genetic sequence data or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Medical data also frequently include long doctor notes specific for each pa...

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Stata Tips #1: Power & Sample Size

We are pleased to introduce a new series of Stata Tips newsletters, focusing on recent developments and new Stata functions available in the latest release, Stata 14. Tim...

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