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12th Spanish Stata Conference, 2019

We are happy to announce the 2019 Stata Conference, which will take place in Madrid on October 17th.

This meeting will provide Stata users the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and information on new applications of Stata. Anyone interested in using Stata is welcome.

We will have Isabel Canette (Principal Mathematician & Statistician) and David Drukker Director of Econometrics coming from Stata Corp. to present papers of common interest.

Call for Presentations

 Presentations are welcome on any Stata related topic including:

  • User-written Stata programs
  • Research or teaching case studies using Stata
  • Discussion of data management issues
  • Surveys or critiques of Stata facilities in specific field.

Please email the scientific organizers of your field of study before July 19th, if you are interested in presenting a paper. Please submit an abstract with the email (Max.200 words) along with your name, affiliation and telephone number.

You may choose between:

  • 10 minutes presentation plus 5 min. For questions or
  • 20 minutes presentation plus 5 min for questions.

The scientific organizers look forward to hearing from you with your presentation offers. The scientific committee will make a preliminary selection based on submitted abstracts by July 31th. If the presentation is selected, final version should be sent in PowerPoint or PDF to the scientific committee before October 3rd, 2019.

The meeting will include the usual “wishes and grumbles” session, during which you may air your thoughts to Stata developers. You also have the choice to attend an informal dinner (at additional cost of approximately 35 €) in Madrid.

Although the meeting will be conducted mostly in Spanish, presentations will be accepted in both Spanish and English.

Scientific Organizers

Area of Economics:

  1. Ricardo Mora. Dpto. Economía. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Area of Sociology:

  1. Modesto Escobar. Dpto. Sociología y Comunicación. Universidad de Salamanca.

Heath Sciences:

  1. Alexander Zlotnik. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


To register please send an email to and we will email you the registration form that you will need to fill out and return to us before September 27th. Meeting fees covers coffee breaks, lunch and course material. Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered. There will also be an optional dinner at a restaurant (to be announced) at additional cost of approximately 35 euros.

Timberlake Consulting S.L generously sponsors registration fee waiver (only one per presentation, regardless of the number of authors involved).


Timberlake Consulting S.L distributor of Stata in Spain.
Ph: +34 95 560 14 30

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