Currently, all of our training courses are being held online.

All of our courses are hosted by expert certified trainers and research professionals who teach through a mix of demonstrative and practical sessions to provide high-class, practical training.

You can register for our courses online. To discuss any of our courses or specific training requirements, please call +44 (0) 20 8697 3377 .

Stata Programming Workshop: Introduction and Advanced

Part 1: 15 & 16 June; Part 2: 17 & 18 June 2020 (10am-12pm & 2-4pm London time) Online 4 days (15th June 2020 - 18th June 2020) Stata

Presented by Prof. Christopher F Baum, Boston College, USA and Dr. Vincent O'Sullivan, University of Lancaster

This course will be run as a webinar series, online.

All registrants will receive a free copy of the core course text in an ebook format: Christopher F Baum. 2016. An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition. College Station, TX: Stata Press.

This course is taught in two sections. The first, is for Stata users–professionals and researchers from all academic disciplines–who would like to use Stata programming techniques to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their research. The course assumes familiarity with Stata’s command-line interface and the use of do-files and log files to produce reproducible results. The participants will learn how to use do-file programming techniques effectively, including topics such as local and global macros, r-returns and e-returns, implicit and explicit loops and debugging techniques.

The second, is for users who have completed the companion course Introduction to Stata Programming and would like to use more advanced features of the Stata and Mata programming languages. The course assumes familiarity with Stata’s command-line interface and the use of do-files and log files to produce reproducible results. Mata programming techniques will illustrate how this language can be used to simplify and accelerate computations.

Score Driven Time Series Models

9 July 2020 1 day (9th July 2020 - 9th July 2020) OxMetrics

Presented By: Andrew C. Harvey (University of Cambridge)

Dynamic conditional score (DCS) - or Generalized Autoregressive Score (GAS) - models have developed rapidly over the last ten years and continue to be a fruitful area for research. They offer a united and comprehensive theory for a class of nonlinear time series models in which the dynamics of a changing parameter, such as location or scale, are driven by the score of the conditional distribution.

Programming in EViews

6-7 July 2020 Online 2 days (6th July 2020 - 7th July 2020) EViews

This course is for economists, econometricians and applied researchers who want to go even further in Eviews by coding something that is not implemented in the existing routines such as long memory GARCH models or Value at Risk. In addition, one may wish to make life easier and to ask EViews to perform some repetitive tasks. This is where EViews Programming starts. The goal of this training course is to make life easier, namely to do things with only a small investment instead of learning a completely new language.

This course will be running online, as a Zoom webinar.

Time Series Analysis & Modelling using Stata

11 - 12 June 2020 TBC 2 days (11th June 2020 - 12th June 2020) Stata

Presented By: Dr. George Naufal (Texas A&M University)

Time series data are nowadays collected for several phenomena in social and empirical sciences. Initially collected at year or quarter level, time series data are now used by marketing analytics, financial technology, and other fields in which data are collected at much smaller intervals (daily, hourly and even by the minute). This course focuses on the fundamental concepts required for the analysis, modelling and forecasting of time series data and provides an introduction to the theoretical foundation of time series models alongside a practical guide to the use of time series analysis techniques implemented in Stata 15. The course is based on the textbook by S. Boffelli and G. Urga (2016), Financial Econometrics Using Stata, Stata Press Publication.

Introduction to NVivo - Module 2

18 June 2020 (13:00-16:00 GMT) Online 3 Hours (18th June 2020 - 18th June 2020) NVivo

Presented By: Fiona Wiltshier (Official NVivo Trainer)

The second of 3 modules on the Nvivo software. This session includes a Q&A from the previous session, and covers aspects such as capturing characteristics, working with surveys and social media and exploring your data through queries

Please note that this training will be hosted on Windows OS. If you wish to request a Mac OS demonstration, please contact us.

This session runs from 12:00-15.00 GMT.

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