The Mata Book: A Book for Serious Programmers and Those Who Want to Be

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Author William Gould
ISBN 13 978-1-59718-263-8
Pages 428
Copyright 2018
Book type Paperback

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Comment from the Stata technical group

The Mata Book: A Book for Serious Programmers and Those Who Want to Be is the book that Stata programmers have been waiting for. Mata is a serious programming language for developing small- and large-scale projects and for adding features to Stata. What makes Mata serious is that it provides structures, classes, and pointers along with matrix capabilities. The book is serious in that it covers those advanced features, and teaches them. The reader is assumed to have programming experience, but only some programming experience. That experience could be with Stata's ado-language, or with Python, Java, C++, Fortran, or other similar languages. As the book says, "being serious is a matter of attitude, not current skill level or knowledge".

The author of the book is William Gould, who is also the designer and original programmer of Mata and Stata, and who happens to be the president of StataCorp. The book covers Mata, programming, workflow, verification, and certification. William Gould is known for being a clear writer on technical subjects.

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