Stata Policy Evaluation

10-14 September 2018 CEMAPRE (ISEG), Lisbon 5 days (10th September 2018 - 14th September 2018) Stata

Evaluating policy has taken centre stage in current research for social sciences. Evidence based evaluations give policymakers crucial information on which public policy programs are working. This course brings the latest econometric techniques for policy evaluation and Structural Equation Modelling using Stata.

Introdução à análise de regressão com o Stata

27 September 2018 Half day (27th September 2018 - 27th September 2018) Stata

A Timberlake tem o prazer de apresentar o segundo de 4 cursos , a serem realizados nos nossos escritórios, onde a utilização do software Stata irá ser abordado de uma forma muito prática.

Introduction to Stata (CEST Time)

This course introduces a potential and new users of Stata to the world of a very powerful statistical software. It is designed for practitioners from various institutions (public and private) as well as faculty and students. The approach taken in this class follows the learning process that would allow students to start developing the knowledge and skills necessary to implement Stata in their own data management as well as statistical and econometrics needs. The comprehensive understanding of principles of Stata by learning through interactive classroom experience is a core of this short course. Learning Stata by doing Stata exercises with the real data from public domain allows students to discover the benefits of Stata. After this short course, the participants should be comfortable to start working on their own project(s) using Stata.

Vector Autoregression (VAR) Modelling using EViews

The course will cover: stationary VARs, starting from the basics and tackling more advanced techniques such as dealing with over-parameterisation via Bayesian estimation; non stationary VARs and Johansen approach to cointegration; and structural VARs, and what can be done in EViews 9, will also be explored.

Macroeconomic Density Forecasting & Nowcasting

Whether you deal with forecasting at a Central Bank, public institution, bank or consultancy firm; or you use forecasting techniques in your research, this is the perfect course to bring you up to date with the latest methods in the forecasting profession.

Introdução à análise de regressão com dados em painel com o Stata

18 October 2018 Half day (18th October 2018 - 18th October 2018) Stata

Capacitar os participantes para o entendimento e a aplicação de técnicas de regressão.

Análisis Multivariable con Stata 15

21 September 2018 Madrid, España 1 day (21st September 2018 - 21st September 2018) Stata

En este curso se trata de ofrecer una introducción al análisis multivariables usando Stata , conociendo las ordenes básicas de los análisis multivariables y la realización de análisis gráficos.

Instrumental Variables and Structural Equation Modelling using Stata

12 - 13 November 2018 Cass Business School 2 days Stata

This course provides participants with the essential tools, both theoretical and applied, for a proper use of instrumental variables (IV) and structural equation models (SEM) for statistical causal modelling using Stata.

Stata Programming & Managing Large Datasets (UK)

1 - 4 October 2018 Cass Business School, Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ 4 days (1st October 2018 - 4th October 2018) Stata

This interactive course focuses on practical programming needs arising when dealing with large datasets, multiple data sources and the programming tools which may help in routinising complex tasks and operating pieces of your work automatically.

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