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  • Online Course: Getting Started with Stata

    Online Course: Getting Started with Stata

    • Location: Online
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Software: Stata
    • Level: Introductory
    • Delivered By: Elisabetta Pellini
    • Topic: Econometrics, Statistics
    • COURSE DATES: 15th January 2018 | 2nd March 2018 | 15th November 2018

      This web-based half-day training course provides a complete introduction to Stata and is ideal for the new or beginner level user who wants to have a head start and learn how to use Stata efficiently.

      The course introduces Stata’s most popular and useful commands and procedures to import, manipulate, transform and manage data as well as how to export results to commonly used file formats. Stata do-files, log files and also graphics are covered briefly in the final session.

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  • Econometrics of program evaluation

    Econometrics of program evaluation

    • Location: New Horizons, Computer Learning Centre, New York City, USA
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Software: Stata
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Delivered By: Dr. Giovanni Cerulli
    • Topic: Econometrics
    • COURSE DATES: 29th - 31st January 2018

      This course will provide participants with the essential tools, both theoretical and applied, for a proper use of modern micro-econometric methods for policy evaluation and causal counterfactual modelling under the assumption of “selection on observables”. The course will cover these approaches: Regression adjustment (parametric and nonparametric), Matching (on covariates and on propensity score), Reweighting and Double-robust methods, Selection models, Instrumental-variables approaches, Difference-in-differences, Regression discontinuity design.

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  • Health Research Winter School using Stata

    Health Research Winter School using Stata

    • Duration: 5 days (29th January 2018 - 2nd February 2018)
    • Software: Stata
    • Level: Intermediate, Introductory
    • Delivered By: Filipa Duarte-Ramos, PhD (FFUL); Mónica Inês, MSc (PFIZER); Aurelio Tobías, MSc, PhD (CSIC); João Costa, MD, PhD (FMUL)
    • Topic: Meta-analysis, Statistics, Survival analysis
    • Join us for our second annual Stata Health Research Winter School, comprising five individual Stata courses providing attendees with the flexibility to register only for the courses that they find most relevant to their research interests. 

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