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Other Statistical Methods

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Sample size and power determination

  • Two-sample test of equality of means
  • One-sample test of means
  • Two-sample test of equality of proportions
  • One-sample test of proportions
  • Repeated measurements of the outcome on each experimental unit
  • Survival studies
Generalized method of moments (GMM) New
  • Linear and nonlinear models
  • One-step, two-step, and iterative estimators
  • Cross-sectional, time-series, and panel models
  • Easily specify panel-style instruments
  • Interactive and programmable versions
Nonlinear least-squares regression

Nonlinear seemingly unrelated regression

Stepwise regression
  • Linear
  • Complementary log-log
  • Cox
  • GLM
  • Interval
  • Logistic
  • Conditional logistic
  • Negative binomial
  • Ordered logit
  • Ordered probit
  • Poisson
  • Probit
  • Quantile
  • Skewed logistic
  • Tobit and censored-normal
  • Exponential, Weibull, Gompertz, lognormal, loglogistic, generalized gamma
Nested-model statistics

Orthogonal polynomials

Cronbach’s alpha

Kappa measure of interrater agreement

Kernel-density estimation

Box–Cox transform
  • Can be applied to the left-hand side, right-hand side, or both
  • Parameters can be the same or different
  • Maximum likelihood
  • Zero-skewness log
Power transforms
  • Search for power transform that converts a variable into a normally distributed variable
  • Graphical display of a power-transformed variable
Tests of normality
  • Shapiro–Wilk
  • Shapiro–Francia
  • Skewness and kurtosis test (D’Agostino, with and without Royston correction)
  • Doornik–Hansen New
  • Henze–Zirkler New
  • Two by Mardia New
Collecting statistics into a dataset
  • Collection from any command
  • Collection of results for each group or subgroup of observations
  • Collection from user-written or “official” commands
Drawing samples from multivariate normal distribution

Creating datasets with specified correlation structure

Rolling and recursive analyses

Mathematical functions
  • Absolute value
  • Arccosine returning radians
  • Arcsine returning radians
  • Arctangent returning radians
  • Two-argument arctangent
  • Sine of radians
  • Tangent of radians
  • Cosine of radians
  • Combinatorial function
  • Exponentiation
  • Natural logarithm
  • Natural log factorial
  • ln(gamma(x)) (ln((x−1)!) for integer x)
  • Base 10 logarithm
  • Modulus of x with respect to y
  • Square root
  • Digamma function
  • Trigamma function
  • Hyperbolic sine New
  • Hyperbolic cosine New
  • Hyperbolic arcsine New
  • Hyperbolic arccosine New
  • Hyperbolic tangent
  • Log of odds ratio
  • Inverse log of odds ratio
  • Complementary log-log
  • Inverse complementary log-log
  • Ceiling
  • Floor
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Relative difference
  • Running sum
  • Sign
Statistical functions
  • Binomial cumulative probability New
  • Binomial probability New
  • Cumulative and inverse F distribution
  • F density
  • Incomplete gamma
  • Inverse incomplete gamma
  • Gamma density
  • Incomplete beta
  • Noncentral beta density
  • Inverse binomial
  • Cumulative and inverse chi-squared
  • Inverse cumulative noncentral chi-squared
  • Upper tail of cumulative beta distribution
  • Inverse tail of cumulative beta distribution
  • Upper tail of cumulative gamma distribution
  • Inverse tail of cumulative gamma distribution
  • Upper tail of right cumulative binomial
  • Cumulative noncentral chi-squared
  • Standard normal density
  • Cumulative normal
  • Inverse cumulative normal
  • Bivariate normal
  • Cumulative bivariate normal
  • Student’s 2-tailed t distribution
  • t density
  • Inverse 2-tailed cumulative t distribution
  • Noncentrality parameter L for noncentral chi-squared
  • First and second derivatives of gamma
  • Noncentral F
  • Hypergeometric cumulative probability New
  • Hypergeometric probability New
  • Negative binomial cumulative probability New
  • Negative binomial probability New
  • Negative binomial reverse cumulative probability New
  • Inverse cumulative negative binomial probability New
  • Inverse tail of cumulative negative binomial probability New
  • Poisson cumulative probability New
  • Poisson probability New
  • Poisson reverse cumulative probability New
  • Inverse cumulative Poisson probability New
  • Inverse tail of cumulative Poisson probability New
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